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Walther P99 Mags on the Cheap

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This section is courtesy of Jim. He started with aftermarket Beretta M9 / 92F mags. Jim tells me that he has some Factory Beretta mags hiding somewhere. As soon as he can get them dug out we'll get them posted.

Cut by eye for both the p99 as well as a Springfield Armory XD (HS2000). As you can see they are real rough cuts. I was bored one night and took the dremel to the mag. It works in both pistols as well as a Beretta (922 comp) but I cut the notch a little high causing the mag to sit low so it doesn't hold back the slide on the last round.



On these mags (aftermarket) the cuts were made at different size's, yet both work. I would work with the longer cut. This way, worst case scenario it sits a little high in the pistol. you can always take a little off the top of the cut to lower. 



 You will see i had to remove just a touch off the left side feed lip as it was contacting the ejector. Remember these are after market mags.



If you know of another magazine type that I haven't mentioned that might fit or have pictures/info to share on mags that do fit, drop me a line at

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